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Are We Thawed Out Yet?

Are you ready to kick winter to the curb? So are we!

Can you believe it’s almost time to start planning summer vacations?!? We’ve spent so much time up at the LCC during winter and 10 feet of snow that it’s hard to remember the gorgeous lake being anything but frozen. But good news! It’s thawed out, trees are budding and we’re finally able to make it to the main house without skidoo’s 😉


First off – thank you to everyone who made last year so amazing. We have so many more stories to share from the Summer of 2016. You’ll see those tales coming up soon. Once again we had great adventures, surprise visitors (both people and wildlife!) and enjoyed the soaking the sunshine in to our bones. We definitely tried to remember that feeling when shovelling snow off the cabin roofs! Fingers crossed that this gorgeous spring is leading in to a sun filled summer.

This is our 3rd year (holy moly!) of being the proud owners of The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping. 3 years! And just like perennials, we know this is our year to take off. Haven’t heard that story? When you plant a perennial, the 1st year is sleeps, the 2nd year it creeps and the 3rd year it leaps! We took the first year to get to know the place and make some small changes. 2nd year we made even bigger changes and our LCC family started to grow. This year? More amazing updates and our LCC family has grown again!

How has the LCC family grown? Well first off – our trailer area is full. FULL! COMPLETELY FREAKING FULL! Thank you very much for entrusting your summer fun to our happy hands! We’ve also grown thanks to our fabulous campers and visitors that have come back each year. Nothing says lovin’ like a repeat smiling face around the campfire 😊. The more the merrier at the LCC but feeling that familiar handshake or hug is just the best.

If this has got your brain thinking, hmmmm … I need me some family time and some fishing time and some camping time and some marshmallow time, please give us a holler. We’d love to make sure you get the cottage or camp ground that fits your family!

Yours from the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family

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Bicycles, Birthdays and Booms!

Can you believe it’s the end of August? We certainly can’t. I know it’s  a common refrain at this time of year but seriously? Where the heck did the summer go? Luckily we’ve got one more incredible weekend before we close up the Lighthouse for the year and it’s going to go out with a bang!

But before we get to the boomtastic weekend that we have in store for our guests, we’d like to share a few shenanigans that have been happening around the Lighthouse. A first for us was our new friend Chuck. Chuck arrived and stayed for a night with nothing more than he could strap on his bike. And we don’t mean Harley. Think Schwinn except fancier and definitely made for long distance hauling. Why? Because joined us from Florida! That’s right. And your kids complain about having to ride their bikes to school? Chuck puts us all to shame with his level of endurance.

After a quick farewell lick from Roxy, Chuck was back on his bike to continue his cycling adventures. Thanks for joining us Chuck!

One of the great things about the Lighthouse (though we have problems picking one if we must be honest), is family. The family that we make each summer with our guests and the family that we are connected to during the whole year. This year, Paula’s sister Maureen joined us for a special day. Her birthday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We won’t share just what birthday it was but rest assured Maureen is young enough to have gotten REALLY excited at her PokemonGo catch on our beach. We love you Maureen and are so glad you were able to celebrate your special day with us!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Last but not least are the booms! This long weekend we’ve got one trailer slot and one campsite left for you to come and join us for our end of year celebration. Weather and fire warnings permitted, we’ve got campfires and fireworks planned! We really value and appreciate that you choose to spend your hard earned vacation with us so what better way to say thanks than lighting up the night sky?

If you’ve decided that you just can’t miss becoming part of our family for the weekend and are itching to get your tent out, get in touch with Momma Boyd and get up here! We’ll keep a s’more ready for you 🙂

Yours at the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family

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With a Wow and Yippee!!

Well the long weekend is but a bunch of happy memories now but we didn’t want to miss the chance to share ours with you. We were a full house for the whole weekend and the fun just kept going!

The fish were biting like crazy and more than one happy fisherman was able to tell the truth about how big the catch was:

With how much we love our amazing Roxy, we know how important it is for The Lighthouse to be pet friendly. If your dog just can’t bear to stay home and is a friendly sort, then bring Fido along!

What else was going on? Phew. Our boats got a good workout that weekend and were working hard to get those fishermen out for their catch.

2016-07-01 20.44.44

Lots of fun in the sun and water too for kids and big kids alike 🙂

And when the weekend was over and the sun gave us another of its glorious sunsets, we sent our guests off with a wow and a yippee!


Huge Thank You to our guest Cheryl Scofield who shared her amazing photos with us. There are more up on our facebook page. We’ll have more tales from The Lighthouse soon!

Yours from the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family

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It was REALLY thiiiiissss big!

Everybody tells tall tales now and again and at the cottage is no exception. In fact, I think they grow exponentially when there aren’t as many cell phones to capture the truth 😉 Thank goodness! What’s an adventure at the cottage without some tall tales? Haven’t we all wanted that tale to share about the MASSIVE moose that ALMOST got us as we paddled up the eel ridden stream? Or that bear that stood eye to eye just five feet away and then rambled off?

A lot of tall tales seem to be around fishing. Not too many men I know want to admit that their big catch was actually more along the lines of Nemo than Jaws. It’s a right of passage to fill the frying pan with fresh trout or bass for the family! We’ve got great fishing up here and the photos are already starting to come in so that no tall tales will get too big for the net 😉

Last week? Well we had some amazing fishing going on. It’s a fantastic way to relax. From shore, on a boat or in a canoe, you bait your hook up and drop it in the water and wait for the tip to dip. If your eager, you can be out first thing in the morning enjoying the sunrise and the cool nip to the air. I love watching the bugs skate across the water and the odd jump and splash from a nearby trout that hasn’t quite sniffed out my hook. The mosquitoes don’t appear to be early risers so it’s nice to fish and not also feel like the bait!

Angela Mans-Dekker and her family came up for a visit and now her daughter Jenna has her own true tale to share! The weight was guessed at about 11 pounds!


And a pound here or there doesn’t really matter when you get a look at that fish! You can tell by Jenna’s beautiful smile that this brave girl knows she’s got bragging rights! Way to go Jenna!

Have you come for a visit and scored one of the lake’s fabulous fish? Share your not so tall tale with us! We’d love to give you bragging rights 🙂

Yours from the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family

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It’s a Fuller House This Weekend!


Another fantastic July weekend has come and gone. For a short time at least, the fire ban was lifted and we were able to build up a pretty nice campfire! I don’t know about you but there’s nothing better than sitting around on a cool July night with friends and family for some marshmallow roasting and laughs 🙂

The long weekend for August is upon us and we are full to brim this weekend. Well, we have to be completely honest: we do have two campsites available. But everything with a door? Taken! We love when the resort is humming with people. Speaking of humming. Have you heard this tune all about summer fun?


People have been having so much fun with us that they’re rebooking to come back again! How cool is that? One family has been making the trek for over 30 years and we are truly thrilled that they keep coming back to visit and stay at the Lighthouse. We know we’ve had the opportunity to make our own special memories with Mariah, Logan and Beema and they’ll last us long after the warm blankets have to join us around the campfire.

If you’ve got a special memory of visiting or staying at the Lighthouse, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment here or visit us on facebook.

And thank you to everyone for making this season some amazing hot fun in the summertime 🙂

Yours at the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family




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We Don’t Like to Brag, But …

Sometimes you just have to!

What do we have to brag about this week? Actually it’s not really ours to brag about. Mother Nature was pretty darn excited when she got her creative on and sprang up Sprucedale. Why is that something to brag about? Well, we didn’t brag about it first. One of our awesome guests did!


We were beyond thrilled that Louise Hazlett chose our resort to not only visit and stay but to then share her excitement with her Facebook and Instagram friends! Can’t say as we blame her – the scenery is pretty darn stunning! Between the gorgeous lake, our resident snapping turtle and the amazing sunsets, it’s a photographers paradise up here.

You can’t help but feel the beauty and peace that Mother Nature herself must have been thinking about when Sprucedale got its start. Even if you put aside the Mother Nature influence, you can be sure that one day up here would be equal to 2 weeks trying to find the happy zone back in the city. Nature just seems to inspire us to slow down, take a deep breath of the clean air and realize that being here is the best choice you can make.

Speaking of which! Another quick story to share: Louise was up here with her best guy Kirk celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. Yeah!!! They loved it sooooo much that they arranged to stay an extra day. They were fishing, boating and having so much fun they just had to spend more time soaking it all in. And that folks is why we do what we do.

We love that we provide a peaceful oasis that couples can connect and celebrate, families can be active together and nobody seems to want to leave. We are fortunate that several of our new happy campers not only loved their first experience at The Lighthouse but are coming back! Makes us feel like a big, cedar smelling boomerang 🙂

Thank you for making new happy memories with us Kirk and Louise!

Yours at The Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family

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Yup – We Can Change Time!


It’s hard to believe that it’s the middle of July and the summer is just flying by! The great things about the days here are that they can go as slow or as quickly as you want them to. We don’t like to say that we can change how time passes but … we’d be lying ;).

Days on the beach can give you that lazy, relaxed, peaceful feeling that most of us are missing in our day to day lives. Because we’re usually SO crazy busy, the days can seem to stretch out here for well beyond the 24 that is rushing past the rest of the world. That’s what slowing down for yourself and your family can give you back – time. We know how precious it can be.

How do we spend our time? Don’t get us wrong – we take advantage of the beach and quiet times too but this year? This year we’ve been as busy as the beavers you might catch on a hike around the area.

Cottages 1 and 4 got an upgrade on their stoves and now you can cook in comfort. Of course with the BBQ and fire pit available, you’ve got other options but sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t give us a choice. We’ve updated the bathrooms on the property we have available for guests and visitors with new doors and a general sprucing up. The gazebo also now has a shiny new door that brightens up the place. On the water, we’ve added a new aluminum bottomed Zodiak so if guests feel like going for a quick zip on the water, just let us know!


Why do we do all this? That’s a great question! Time. We’re in for the long haul and we want to make the most of the time we have up here. We want to make sure our guests have the best time possible. We want to know, that over time, our guests will remember fondly the memories that they make with us. And isn’t that what time is all about? Slowing down, having fun and laughs and looking back with a smile.


Beema and her boys!

Yours at the Lighthouse,

The Boyd Family


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Man of the House


Another fantastic July weekend came and went with happy campers, happy visitors and happy chipmunks. Wait a minute. How can you tell if a chipmunk is happy? Well he keeps coming back to visit. Kind of like our campers and cottagers but without the sunflower seed bribes. One of the reasons Timothy the Chipmunk comes back? The man of the house – our main man Logan.

This week we had an unexpected phone call from a local gas station. A man and his son, travelling from Manitoba to Parry Sound, had encountered problems with their boat trailer. The axle had broken. Yikes! We all know how that much sucks. Well of course we said come on over and we’ll be happy to set you up until you can get your axle fixed. We didn’t know what time they’d be arriving so we went about our business and happened to go off property.

When we got back, the Manitoba man had already arrived and set up his trailer on our slot by the beach. Yeah! Safe and sound – success! But the first thought was – how the heck did he know to go there? The answer? Logan. He knew he was the man of the house while we were gone and had greeted our emergency guest and got him set up on the right slot. How is that for completely awesome? We couldn’t be more proud of our son!

10.2015 031

Within a day our Manitoba guest was ready to get on his way and offered payment for the slot which we politely refused. Here’s how we roll: we’re here to make an honest living by providing folks with a safe, fun, relaxing and homey camping and cottage experience. It’s what drives us. It’s what makes us happy. But if you honestly need help? Then part of just living as a human on this planet is helping those in need. We were happy to help our new friend continue safely on his travels and become a part of their summer memories. After all, isn’t a Lighthouse supposed to bring you safely to shore so you can continue on with other adventures? We think so too 🙂

Stay tuned for more Tales from the Lighthouse!

Yours at the Lighthouse,

The Boyd Family





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So Who Loves the Rain?

Well we might have had some rain dampen our day on July 1st but most would agree that’s a good thing 😉 In fact, we’ve been rain free for so long up here that we’re currently in a Fire Ban which makes it REALLY hard to have campfires and s’mores. So while the rain hasn’t  completely helped to solve the dry forest issue, we were actually really happy to see it!

One of the great things around the Lighthouse is the beautiful Sprucedale area. We are so grateful that our guests have some neat road trips they can take to check out the scenery and see what goes on around us. After all, you can’t be completely zen on the beach ALL the time right?

Check out our latest tour around Sprucedale!


We love that we have so much to offer for our guests to do but we also love how they can experience part of the charm of the north. Beautiful drives down tree lined roads lead you to funky local art sales and yummy fresh ice cream! What could be better than that?

Have you come for a visit and gone road tripping? We’d LOVE to see your photos and share your adventures with our other guests! Put them up on Facebook and make sure to tag us! Not following us yet? Well that’s easy as s’mores to take care of isn’t it?

Yours at the Lighthouse,

The Boyd Family


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Rain Can’t Dampen Our Guests Spark!

Happy Canada Day eh?!?


Well we’re a full house this weekend which is AWESOME! Guests have safely arrived to enjoy the long weekend and yesterday’s blue skies looked to promise a heavenly weekend. Today? Well, today is a bit soggy to say the least. Has that bothered our guests? Heck no! In their own words – we’re just happy to be here 🙂 Isn’t that amazing?


This is one of the many reasons we do what we do. Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, the peace you find off the beaten path makes a few drops of rain (ok, more than a few drops) worth it. Sparklers crossed the weather will clear out in time for us to enjoy some time around the campfire and enjoy each others’ company. After all – what’s more Canadian than enjoying the great outdoors, passing around s’mores and sharing a laugh? I can’t think of anything unless you throw some maple syrup on it!


Weather like this makes me really appreciate our gazebo which gives everybody a place to gather when the sun hides out. Grab a pack of cards and you’ve got a euchre tournament just waiting to happen. Curl up with a book and hot cup of tea and take in the views of the lake. Play a game while listening to the rain patter on the roof. Peace. Ahhhhhh ….

Yours from the Lighthouse,

John, Paula and the family