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We Opened Up with a Bang!

More like a rain soaked woohoo but it was great!

What an opening weekend! We spend months getting ready to make sure our guests have the best time possible. Months I tell ya 😉 And part of that getting ready is crossing our fingers that the weather will include blue skies, sunny days and warm campfire filled nights. Well, mother nature obviously wasn’t in on the planning this year but did that stop us from having fun? Heck no!


Despite the dodgy skies and numerous rain showers, we were so happy to see our guests getting out and enjoying themselves! Fishing, sea doo rides, playing at the beach, grabbing some time on the dock and sitting up in to the wee hours having chats around the BBQ. Did I say BBQ? Well were a bit worried that campfire’s wouldn’t be possible but, surprise!



We were able to cook up some campfire fun after all 🙂 Nothing says summer fun up north more than the smoky aroma of a crackling fire, some marshmallows stuck on sticks toasting away and a full belly of hot dogs or packet meals cooked in the coals. Yummy 🙂

The best part of the weekend for us was how our guests just loved being out of the city, out in nature and out of touch from their busy lives. They were able to relax, spend time as a family and enjoy time moving as slowly as it does up here at the Lighthouse. Not slow because you’re bored but slow because there is no rush. No appointments. No schedules. You want to eat? Spark up the BBQ or start a campfire (who says you can’t cook lunch over the coals?). You want to relax? Mosey down to the beach, set up a chair and watch the light dance on the water. You want to nap? Grab a blanket, pick a tree and get some zzzz’s while the shade keeps you cool.


We’re already looking forward to our next set of guests arriving this weekend and have heard that we’ll see some of this weekend’s guests again in September. How cool is that? More awesome people coming in to the Lighthouse family 🙂

If you’ve joined us and have pictures to share, please tag us on your FB page or send them to: so we share your memories all over again!

Yours from the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family



John and Paula Boyd have a loooong history of making people feel welcome. Always the first ones to offer their home for a family or friend get together, they've never hesitated to offer hospitality. When looking for a business opportunity that could put their love of community and desire to build something for their family together, the idea to purchase a camping resort came up. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, they've jumped in with both feet to make The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping an extension of their home.

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