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A New Little Camper Has Arrived!


We are very excited to announce that we are grandparents!

Our daughter Mariah and her partner Max welcomed our grandson Greyson Wenceslas Edgar on June 23, 2017. 


Greyson arrived at Oakville General Hospital at 1:14pm and clocked in at 7lbs. 12ozs. Mariah was incredible in her strength and desire to meet her son and we are very proud of the great job she did. We were able to be by her side through the whole miracle. In the true Lighthouse fashion of getting things done, Paula was on the road to Sprucedale after covering Greyson in enough kisses to last him until she gets to see him again. Well maybe enough for him, but never enough for her!

We look forward to welcoming little Greyson up to the Lighthouse this summer. If you are looking for Paula while he is here, you can be sure to find Grandma wherever he is 😉 Great Grandma Beama is sure to be right there as well. Uncle Logan will be sure to teach Greyson the ins and outs of managing Timothy the Mascot Chipmunk. Grandpa John will be watching over his family with a grin and a beer thinking of just how lucky he is!

Life is full of surprises and we are so grateful that our little grandson is here. I’m sure all grandparents say this but he is the cutest baby boy ever (next to Logan of course) and we love him to bits already!

Yours from the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family



John and Paula Boyd have a loooong history of making people feel welcome. Always the first ones to offer their home for a family or friend get together, they've never hesitated to offer hospitality. When looking for a business opportunity that could put their love of community and desire to build something for their family together, the idea to purchase a camping resort came up. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, they've jumped in with both feet to make The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping an extension of their home.

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