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Are We Thawed Out Yet?

Are you ready to kick winter to the curb? So are we!

Can you believe it’s almost time to start planning summer vacations?!? We’ve spent so much time up at the LCC during winter and 10 feet of snow that it’s hard to remember the gorgeous lake being anything but frozen. But good news! It’s thawed out, trees are budding and we’re finally able to make it to the main house without skidoo’s 😉


First off – thank you to everyone who made last year so amazing. We have so many more stories to share from the Summer of 2016. You’ll see those tales coming up soon. Once again we had great adventures, surprise visitors (both people and wildlife!) and enjoyed the soaking the sunshine in to our bones. We definitely tried to remember that feeling when shovelling snow off the cabin roofs! Fingers crossed that this gorgeous spring is leading in to a sun filled summer.

This is our 3rd year (holy moly!) of being the proud owners of The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping. 3 years! And just like perennials, we know this is our year to take off. Haven’t heard that story? When you plant a perennial, the 1st year is sleeps, the 2nd year it creeps and the 3rd year it leaps! We took the first year to get to know the place and make some small changes. 2nd year we made even bigger changes and our LCC family started to grow. This year? More amazing updates and our LCC family has grown again!

How has the LCC family grown? Well first off – our trailer area is full. FULL! COMPLETELY FREAKING FULL! Thank you very much for entrusting your summer fun to our happy hands! We’ve also grown thanks to our fabulous campers and visitors that have come back each year. Nothing says lovin’ like a repeat smiling face around the campfire 😊. The more the merrier at the LCC but feeling that familiar handshake or hug is just the best.

If this has got your brain thinking, hmmmm … I need me some family time and some fishing time and some camping time and some marshmallow time, please give us a holler. We’d love to make sure you get the cottage or camp ground that fits your family!

Yours from the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family



John and Paula Boyd have a loooong history of making people feel welcome. Always the first ones to offer their home for a family or friend get together, they've never hesitated to offer hospitality. When looking for a business opportunity that could put their love of community and desire to build something for their family together, the idea to purchase a camping resort came up. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, they've jumped in with both feet to make The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping an extension of their home.

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