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Bicycles, Birthdays and Booms!

Can you believe it’s the end of August? We certainly can’t. I know it’s  a common refrain at this time of year but seriously? Where the heck did the summer go? Luckily we’ve got one more incredible weekend before we close up the Lighthouse for the year and it’s going to go out with a bang!

But before we get to the boomtastic weekend that we have in store for our guests, we’d like to share a few shenanigans that have been happening around the Lighthouse. A first for us was our new friend Chuck. Chuck arrived and stayed for a night with nothing more than he could strap on his bike. And we don’t mean Harley. Think Schwinn except fancier and definitely made for long distance hauling. Why? Because joined us from Florida! That’s right. And your kids complain about having to ride their bikes to school? Chuck puts us all to shame with his level of endurance.

After a quick farewell lick from Roxy, Chuck was back on his bike to continue his cycling adventures. Thanks for joining us Chuck!

One of the great things about the Lighthouse (though we have problems picking one if we must be honest), is family. The family that we make each summer with our guests and the family that we are connected to during the whole year. This year, Paula’s sister Maureen joined us for a special day. Her birthday!

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We won’t share just what birthday it was but rest assured Maureen is young enough to have gotten REALLY excited at her PokemonGo catch on our beach. We love you Maureen and are so glad you were able to celebrate your special day with us!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Last but not least are the booms! This long weekend we’ve got one trailer slot and one campsite left for you to come and join us for our end of year celebration. Weather and fire warnings permitted, we’ve got campfires and fireworks planned! We really value and appreciate that you choose to spend your hard earned vacation with us so what better way to say thanks than lighting up the night sky?

If you’ve decided that you just can’t miss becoming part of our family for the weekend and are itching to get your tent out, get in touch with Momma Boyd and get up here! We’ll keep a s’more ready for you 🙂

Yours at the Lighthouse,


The Boyd Family



John and Paula Boyd have a loooong history of making people feel welcome. Always the first ones to offer their home for a family or friend get together, they've never hesitated to offer hospitality. When looking for a business opportunity that could put their love of community and desire to build something for their family together, the idea to purchase a camping resort came up. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, they've jumped in with both feet to make The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping an extension of their home.

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